Loved - Tips and "Rules" for solo trekkers

Quick basics: Look at your map, hit the back arrow, zoom out and watch the lines linking regions together. These are where you need to go, to cross regions. They usually have respawn points at those lines. Even if you are totally new, you can reason it out, believe in yourself.

Rule #1 - Never give up

Rule #2 - Always face the aggro

Rule #3 - The goal is to never get hit even once, strive for it

Rule #4 - Wait, watch, if you find a spot you are not eaten, mark it

Rule #5 - Standing there too long will get you eaten, move

Rule #6 - If stuck between certain death and maybe death, choose maybe
(example: ahead of you is a tribe, you don't know if it's hostile... behind you is a torbak that has already bitten you once. Run at the tribe and pray.

Rule #7 - If you've already died 10 times, this is the best time to keep going

Rule #8 - Commit. If you're frustrated, take a break. Don't rush in upset.

Rule #9 - If you tried your very best and really can't make it, it's not giving up. Rest and try again in another season.

Tip #1 - It's possible to do a lot even at level 1, don't let anyone discourage you

Tip #2 - If you want to try on your own, most homins will accept a polite "Oh I just do this for fun, thanks"

Tip #3 - IF you choose to use Melee protect, be willing to wait on the cooldown

Tip #4 - If you need more motivation, envision your most loved on on the other side of that aggro field. Try again :)

This is from the perspective of a low level adventure seeker, there are tons of players who have lots of tips , who are likely to reply, always remember, you can do it, you can even come up with your own methods. Never give up.

I'm avoiding things like season change here on purpose. Yes, mobs behave differently, in different seasons, yes.. some are harder than others. Still, there MAY be a way, so see Rules #4 and #1.

NB: If there was a server reset ,there will be more mobs. If for any reason the number of mobs seems unnaturally large, this is the only time you really should wait for them to thin down (again, it's unnatural, so it's fair to wait until another season).

P.S. No one's saying you have to do it alone, but no one's saying you have to do it with help either.

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