Extend the aura of Ryzom with XMPP

Isn't this what is for?

Not really because Megacorp isn't universal, it's closed. You can't add your own XMPP adress, you don't have any notification on a your desktop client or on your smartphone. You don't have all the possibilities of a client like Pidgin or Conversations and you are forced to use a browser which is not really a good choice.
A browser with extensions and lots of tabs loaded can easily take 1Go (or much more) of ram when my Gajim is limited to 60Mo.
And why bother to make on a browser that has already been done elsewhere, Time is money you know. :)

Megacorp is just another closed client who has no interest outside of Ryzom. The idea was to expand Ryzom on the net using basic possibilities of XMPP.
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