Extend the aura of Ryzom with XMPP

When the technique can be a marketing project.

This is my thoughts:
Ryzom can go with players outside the game with an XMPP support for chat.
An XMPP server (like ejabberd) replace the actual chat system so you can log in to your favorite chat client with your ryzom adress:
It's probably a good thing for guilds and clans which needs some communication system outside the game too.

XMPP support: chatroom, private chat, file transfer (you can off this feature if you want), smileys, mood, states, voip (with jingle), contact list, notifications, crypto communication, etc.
It's very large, but the good thing for you it's for the legislation part because if you allow a player to specify another domain for his XMPP adress you are not in charge of what he says. (legislation)

I'm Kaboum, but i don't use Devs of Ryzom allow me to specify my own XMPP adress in my game. I have already my own server at So in my profile i can specify my own adress to communicate with other player because XMPP is federated, it's in the protocol and it's wonderful.
When i'm outside the game i launch my XMPP client (Jitsi, Gajim, Pidgin, etc) to be connected with my guild in our chatroom. Members of my guild are in game and they actually beat the shit of a Kitin and they need help NOW so they tell me to join them. I have the notification of this request on my desktop, smartphone, or on another device.
Members of my guild stays in game when i'm out that is the beauty of this thing, players don't need to leave the game to communicate with their guild and if you want to snub your guild you can do it with XMPP states or block features.

I'm aware of the dark part of this idea which is allow newcomers to have an XMPP adress. It can become a huge thing and lots of requests for the server if people subscribe only for this and use it, so it can be limited to the subscribers to begin.

What do you think about this idea? I think it's a real good idea for usuability, accessibility, freedom, sociability and marketing. Marketing doesn't to be visual or anything it can be only a technique feature that can make the difference.

I'm not stupid and i know it's a lot of works here. Maybe there is features which have a higher priority but i just wanted to share this idea because i think it's a good thing for a massive game to to be massive outside the game too.
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