Bunny Tools 3.0x / 3.1x

OP REGISTRY (Version 3.1)

We have several OP Registry IG Apps already but this one is bit different.

H U G E shout out to Karu for taking this from an old spreadsheet file and making it into such a functional and attractive app.

As the creators of some previous apps have left game or RL jumped in and kidnapped them, the registry apps are oft not kept up to date. This tool reads the OP Owners and Guild Logos from the server and updates whenever a OP changes hands. NOTE: This change is not immediate; it takes from 2 to 4 days from the end of 2nd round to pick up the change. If you are looking for a flower or an OP mat, this tool will tell you whom to contact.

Usage is simply, simply navigate to the Encyclopedia section of Bunny Tools and select OP Registry.


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