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One of the most annoying things we have to do as players is remembering all the different Occupation related cool downs. These fall into four (4) categories:

- Occupation Practices: Though you can collect as many materials as you want from the two missions related to each Occupation, you can only practice that Occupation once every 22 hours. In the image above, I practiced both Water Carrier and Magnetic Cartographer. After completing each one, I selected the appropriate occupation and hit the REMIND ME button.

- Occupation Special Items: I then run around to collect my Occupation Special Items for improving materials.  After grabbing my 4 Lucky Flowers, 1 Stimulating Water and 4 Ambers of Protection, I again selected the appropriate drop down and clicked on the REMIND ME button to track how much time I have left in the 47.25 hour cool down timer.

- Occupation Teleports: I don't have any TP related occupations active so I have no entries here, but this works exactly as the Special items Cool Down Timers above.

- New Horizons Turn In: My last stop was the NH Dood in Pyr; after giving him my stuff, I found New Horizons in the drop down and selected REMIND ME again, it shows I can hand in again in 23 hours.

The next day when I log-in to game, i will open the tool and hit REFRESH to remind me how long I got until I can do those tasks again.


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