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Ever run across a Atysian Creature which is unfamiliar or for which you can not remember what magic resists it has or what type of damage it does to you ? The Mob Data Tool has your CRS covered.

Many years ago stumbled onto this handy resource on mestemaker site, added mob aggro ranges and edited a bit here and there over the years. Also available as PDF, JPG (see 1st post) or Spreadsheet file.

Simply pick a Mob from the drop down and click "ENLIGHTEN ME". It will tell you ...
  • Is it aggro ?
  • How close can I get to it before it does aggro ?
  • Does mob dodge or parry ?
  • What magic and physical attacks does it use ?
  • What weapon is best to use based upon its physical resistances ?
  • What magic is it resistant to so i can use a spell that does the most damage ?
  • What affliction immunities does it have so I don't try a stun a mob that resists stun and get deaded in the process ?

If ya want more info and an 'at a glance" view, see link below:


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