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It's always frustrating finishing a crafting session with a ton of leftover mats that you couldn't use because you ran short of one of the mat types necessary for the particular craft. The Mats Calculators allow you to avoid this dilemma.

Launching the Mats (Weapons) Calculator, you are presented with the window below:

The left hand column is for "Bulk Used". Let's say you are going out to dig w/ Packer No. 3. When you open your INVENTORY window and mouse over the line in upper right for your bag, let's assume it says 110 / 300 so you would select 110 in the drop down. Packer No. 3 says 8 / 500 so you would put 8 in that drop down box.

Since you left your Mount and Packer Nos. 1 & 2 safely stabled or in other regions, they are unavailable for storage. To eliminate them from consideration in the calculations, uncheck the boxes next to them. Check ONLY the boxes for packers you have with you.

The right hand column is for "Mats on Hand". These are the mats left over from your last crafting session. Entering 1 Bark, 3 Fiber (Grip) and 12 Amber tells the calculator that these can be used in next session. Note that 16 mats = 8 bulk you put in left column.

Below let's pick High Quality / Melee Weapons / Magic Amplifiers. When we hit CALCULATE, it tells us that we 'should" be able to craft 41 amps using the 682 bulk available.
  • The 1st column indicates the number of mats of each type used per craft.
  • The 2nd column indicates the number of mats of each type you have to dig.
  • The 3rd column indicates the number of mats of each type you will have when done (just dug + already had as leftovers).
  • The 4th column indicates the number of mats you'd want to have in bag when starting.


1. The reason for the 4th column is that the way you can be most productive and gain the most dappie w/o TP'ing back and forth is to craft in region, where you dig, at a nearby Hawker. If you have 3 mat types on packer and 1 in bag, your bag will be full and you will waste lots of time transferring back and forth. By having the correct balance of each mat in your bag, you can craft and sell without having to do that.

2. We're oft asked why we don't limit the number of mats to collect to result in an even number of crafts. The reason is, you have failures. So if it was to say give the exact amount of mats for say 50 crafts, after a failure or 2, you may find yourself a few mats short. So the tool is designed to use 100% of available volume rather than completes X number of crafts.

** Usage tip from Saija: The tool is designed for a single player and can not account for an alt whose bulk would also be available. While the tool can not account for an alt ... note that an Alt and a Mount have the same bulk capacity .... so as long as ya alt doesn't get PO'd by calling him / her a mount, that will work.


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