Aloha Atys!

Greetings dear homins / humans!

I - one of the new additions to Atys' population - want to introduce myself. ;)

I did play Ryzom for a couple of months back in the mid-2000s but did not really follow its progress in the following years (besides reading news about big changes like the sale).
So I was caught by surprise when Ryzom suddenly popped up on my recommendations-list on steam.
I immediately got curious and downloaded the game.

But my curiosity is not only that of a gamer - I also have a "professional" interest in playing Ryzom:
In "real life" I am a student of ethnography. And, since I am interested in online- and MMO-ethnography, I chose Ryzom as my new field of research.
I am going to use participant-observation as my principal research method - meaning that I am going to play the game (and read the forums) pretty much the same way everybody else does, with the exception that I keep chatlogs, take notes of ingame occurences I deem important for my research or take screenshots for the same reason. Later on I'll probably conduct some interviews as well. Of course I will anonymize all the information that I gather during my research.

Bottomline: I'm happy to be back on Atys (it is as beautiful as I remember it) and am looking forward to rekindle my relationship with the game and its community.

See you on Atys! :)
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