Ryzom will soon be on Steam!

We have the great pleasure to announce that Ryzom will be online on the Steam platform from May the 6th 2016.

Significant enhancements made on the occasion of the release of Ryzom on Steam   
Upgrading visual effects
- Better rendering (FXAA, anisotropic filtering, impovement of bloom)
- Rectification and regeneration of all textures
- Optimus support for NVIDIA cards

Technical enhancements
- Implementation of OpenGL 3D as the default driver for all platforms and graphic cards
- Updating all external libraries
- Support of 64-bit architecture for the latest version for all platforms
- Improved compiler support (GCC 5, MinGW, Visual C++ 2012, 2013 and 2015)
- Upgraded support of HTML in the game (new tags, abolition of dependance on libwww, patches, etc.)
- New version of the multiplatform configuration program
- Support of GIF image format
- Support for unicode filenames under Windows
Improvement of security
- Hashing passwords in SHA-512 instead of DES
- Updating of SSLcertificate
Ease of use and other improvements
- Ingame text enhancement
- Random name generator for character creation
- Numerous optimizations, enhancements and bug corrections
- Fixing of a number of warnings
- Use of all cores by default
- Detecting the amount of memory on the graphics card and use of appropriate quality
- Vertical sync supported on all platforms
- Use of XAudio2 as audio driver by default on Windows
- Major reconstruction of the interface to include a WYSIWYG editor
- Support for new styles for fonts
- New links for support and forums
- New Ryzom icon
- Improved appearance of boots in combination with caster pants
- Adding the date in the file names for screenshots 
- Support of accents in emotes and correct display of them

For more information about Ryzom, see the Steam page about Ryzom at this URL

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