Prisonniers zorais

An english translation of the letter, I'm sorry that I had no time to ask for a check of the english, but I hope you will understand.
Kamia'ata Sages and Awaikened

I'm Misunoko, a healer who, amongst others, formalized the concept of heal by the talk. This method obtained some successes on initiates. I helped for exemple lots of homins suffering, years after, from what they lived during the Second Swarming ; they expressed their pain by self withdrawal, anger, violence against themselves or others, and so on. After some time, most of them found appeasement and serenity inside the society. I also tried to help some more at the edge of society, with a result more mitigated. I think it's caused by a bad situation… but it's not my point. Since some time, I'm working with the cityguards, to help them handle the horror they see dayly, and also because they send me the patient that need my help the most.

This is how I was in charge of prisoners of the Theocraty. They are not all receptive to the work I propose, and I want to precise that they all have the choice to agree or not my heals. For some of them, they mind is so ruined that it's difficult to say it's a choice… It's the case for most of the Antikamis that are prisonned in Min-Cho for monthes.

I was told that you will talk about the prisoners during next Circle's Assembly. Badly, it will impossible for me to attend, but I would like to send you this documents, that will probably feed your thoughts. However, if I put this letter to your attention, it's not to decide the fate of this Goroki and his stooges, but to call for help.

Help citizens in distress is a hard work, but greatly awarded by the pleasure to see people coming back to life. However, with such hardened criminals, this work is often thankless and perturbing. I'm not sure any more if what I'm doing is right or not. I started with the best intentions in the world, but Kamis teach us that our acts are not ever as hight a sour intentions are. I let you judge, from those recordings.

Goroki is a strange character. In the begining of his incarceration, we must, like for others, get him off his addiction to several drugs, and that explained a very strage speach that I spare to you. Then, a day, he seemed to wake up (I have no other word) and had suddenly a constructed speach, showing some erudition, but staying in a vision of the world distorded by its life with Antikamis.

Untill some weeks ago I would have describe him as a cold person, logical in hismadness, even colder by his lack of empathy. There is no doubt that he is one of the most difficult patients I ever had to heal.

But, hearing again the last Tyll I recorded, I started to ask myself if I'm not the monster. Are we doing right ? We take this individuals away from their liberty ; their mind breaks in these jails, even when we watch that they have all what we think is necessary : water, food, body cleanliness, and mind also thanks to the prayers of the bonzes, sleep, and healthy reading… We don't let the prisoners together, so that they cannot reinforce their rebellion against the sytem, and I find we're doing right, but it seems that the conversations with devoted initiates are not sufficient ; that even my work is a last resort.

Sages, Awakened, I'm lost and I call for your lights on this dificult subject. I hope that next Assembly will enlight my questions.

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