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[Zoraï] Circles' assembly

Agenda for the Circles' assembly of the 3h - Holeth, Medis 18, 3rd AC 2587 (*)
Dynastic Circle
- News from awakened and Shizu'i
The Theocracy has seen lots of recent changes in the Zoraï Shizu'i and would like all of the active Awakened to introduce themselves, and also the Shizu'i that pledge allegiance to the Theocracy.
- Zoraïs Ambassadors
- New awakened candidates
The initiates who would like to advance by doing the rite of awawakening will be allowed do so.

Reconstruction Circle
- Maintenance of Zora

Exploration Circle
- Diplomacy with the other Nations

Spirituality Circle
- What to do with the Antikami Prisoners? Should we prepare a Laï-le-ban?

(*) [OOC] Friday, 1 April 2016 19:00:00 UTC (4 years ago)
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