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A new sprout on Zachini’s tree

“I won’t accept any other excuse! Manalitch is more than old enough to be introduced to the Matis people!”
Tamiela Fera Fillia di Torani lowered her head before her Royal Spouse's ire. She hadn’t really tried to keep her son for herself. Not really. After all, she had only just obeyed the Karan’s order when He had ordered her to take good care of her second son. In addition, deep down, she had been in need of something to cling to after her Court had been stripped of almost all the topics for which she had won responsibility.  Even botany, despite being the traditional field of the Karae, had been moved back under the Nobles heel. Of course, He hadn’t told her that she had overstepped His orders. 
She didn’t want Him to be jealous, she only wanted to be in her correct place, so she had accepted and allowed herself be relegated to the Palace. And she had enjoyed Manalitch as much as possible.
“If I may, Father.”
Tamiela slid a look toward Aniro, her first-born, now aged almost 23. He was showing the proper deference to the Karan, but he was also the Karin, the second figure of the Kingdom, and it could be felt in his posture. Although he was accepting the orders of his father, he would not stay quiet if he had something to say.
Stevano turned sharply to His eldest son and His anger seemed to ebb slightly. He signaled him to speak.
“I discussed this at length with the Herena Antonichi, and we came to the conclusion that it is surely the will of Jena, may Her light be blessed.”
Tamiela stared at the finely crafted floor. She couldn’t prevent herself from wondering at which point Aniro was trying to let her save face, and at which point he was believing in his explanation. She had seen him change during his student years with the Karavan, and he was now almost mystical. But she hadn’t known Stevano yet when he was at the same age: maybe it passed with time.
As for the Karan, he seemed to be considering the idea with the utmost attention. Finally, He nodded:
“You may be right. At any rate, I’ll present Manalitch to my people at next spring.
"You said something?"
"We’ll present my brother, if that pleases  you. You’re both his father and Jena’s Great Priest: I understand that you had to choose between the two functions at my birth, but you now have an assistant and I would be honored to assist you during the Ceremony as Priest of Jena.”
Once again, there was the correct amount of deference both in tone, and in the words, but Tamiela felt herself tremble. She kept her head thoroughly lowered while waiting the answer of her Spouse.
After a time that seemed unbearably long, he said: “So be it.”

A few hours later, the town criers were shouting the good news all over the Matis cities:
A day of great jubilation is incoming for the Vassals of the Kingdom of the Verdant Heights!
On 14h - Quarta, Fallenor 10, 4th AC 2586 (*), under the benevolent gaze of the Mother of us all, in front of Her Yrkanis temple, will be introduced Karin Manalitch, son of our beloved Karan Stevano, and to-be depositary of Jena’s Voice on Atys!
The Vassals and Ambassadors are invited to accompany the Royal Cortege departing the Palace.
On this day of immense joy for the People, all Vassals and Followers of the Karavan are expected to take part as best they can in expressing the immense majesty of the Kingdom with fireworks and offerings of presents to the new Karin.
The accredited ambassadors of the other nations are also welcome to pay their respects to the new Karin on this occasion.
Jena Aiye!
Stevano Aiye!
Matis Aiye!
(*) [OOC] Friday, 12 February 2016 20:00:00 UTC (4 years ago) [/OOC]
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