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Views from Atys

Sometimes I like to take pretty pictures in my travels about Atys, and I wish I had an appropriate place to share them. Or maybe I want to share something funny or interesting that happened, but it doesn't seem big or important enough to make a new post. Sometimes I just like seeing pretty pictures other homins take, or hearing little stories about their travels, and I don't think I'm the only one who enjoys this sometimes :)

I thought about putting this in "your creations", but I don't know if screenshots feel enough like a "creation" to go there. If this post is more appropriate there, please feel free to move it, moderators. I also thought about trying to make this for in-character role-play, but strict role-play is hard for me sometimes so I wanted to leave this more open.

And, while this thread is posted in the English language subforum, that's just because I didn't feel I had someplace better to put the thread. If it's permitted, I'd like people to contribute in whatever language they want to.

So, if happen to feel like it, post your:
  • screenshots
  • little stories
  • poems
  • thoughts about your day in Atys
  • hilarious things that happened
  • anything else of that sort you want to share

And, if you like, enjoy!

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