Your Local Ryzom Data: Finding, Backing Up, and maybe Editing

@Siela: Thank you for catching that and replying! :) Corrected.

@Talkirc: Thanks for the added info, and honored to have this added to the list :) I have the cookies guide post bookmarked and use it all the time.

@Amiko: I would love to be able to edit landmarks locally. And I didn't know the markers could get corrupted like that, good to have the warning :/ Personally I'm not really sure how to even start thinking about how to edit the map markers locally since interface_carmy.icfg seems to be a binary file of some sort. If you have any more thoughts about how we might be able to do this please feel free to post them. I guess I could try looking at the source code to see if there are some functions in there that already parse the icfg file... hmm. Anyway, I would love to be able to do this and would love to hear anyone's ideas about how to.

@Kovabon: Updated, thanks for the note and for replying!
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