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GHOST IN CLIENT??? (resolved)

I'm not very experienced and I'm just another player, but I'm gonna try to help anyway since I might be able to. Feel free to disregard.

Note that you can chat with in-game players in the meantime using the out-of-game chat at http://megacorp.io

I think the newest client for Ubuntu 14 doesn't work right now. Kervala, a volunteer developer, plans to look into the problem. (Thank you Kervala!) But for now, I see a few options:

Option 1:
* Wait for the problem to be resolved with the Ubuntu 14 client. Hopefully when it is fixed a solution will be posted on the forum and the change will be pushed to the Ubuntu software center, where it will be downloaded automatically with your regular updates.

Option 2:
* Back up your data, and then upgrade your Ubuntu system to the latest version, 15.10. After upgrading, install the version of Ryzom available for your new system. I think it's supposed to be fairly painless to upgrade, but you should be prepared for something to go wrong, as with any software upgrade. Here's the Ubuntu guide for upgrading:


Option 3:
* Find a way to install a different version of Ryzom on your current system. I don't know how to do this. :/

Option 4:
* Remove all personal Ryzom files and reinstall Ryzom on your current Ubuntu 14 system, and see if that fixes it.

Follow these instructions to try this option:

Open the Terminal application
Type these commands(press enter after each line to execute the command):

mkdir ~/Desktop/ryzom_personal_data_backups
cp -r ~/.ryzom/save ~/Desktop/ryzom_personal_data_backups/
cp -r ~/.ryzom/screenshots ~/Desktop/ryzom_personal_data_backups/

Then, uninstall ryzom using the software center or however you're used to uninstalling software.

Then, to make sure all your personal ryzom files are actually removed: (Be careful to type this exactly as it is here so you don't accidentally remove something else important!)
Open the Terminal application again and type:

rm -rf ~/.ryzom

Now, reinstall Ryzom and start it. It will have to re-create all the files as if it's the first time installing.

It might take a little while to get started if it needs to download patches and extra data to get started.

If that helped, I'm glad... if not... well... at least you know another player hopes you can get back to the fun soon.
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