Desperation - Maga/Cheng degrades for sale

OK, so this is probably a long shot, but I will give it a try. I have 2 250-degraded OP amps optimised for affys - not quite maxed so as to minimise the heal/ele nerf to acceptable levels. I Used all my required Boss mats making them and I am really annoyed and miserable now. I would like to trade them for more (Mekoo eyes/Jukoo buds). They may be degrades, but they are perfectly serviceable, well made Sup amps, and great for mid expert-to-master affy leveling, or for someone of similar levels to run around the Roots with.

I have no clue if anyone would be interested in trading them for these mats, but I don't want to trade them for dappers. If there is any interest I will post pics, but just testing the water for now.



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