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[Matis] Nobles assembly of Yrkanis

The Nobles Chamber of the Verdant Heights has gathered in the Royal Palace of Yrkanis, on Prima, Medis 7, 2nd AC 2585*, and was lead by His Majesty Stevano-Karan.

Were attending:
Filira Erminantius, Viscount of Avalae, Ambassador towards the Theocracy, leader of the House Les Gardiens du Savoir
Filira Salazar, major-domo of the House The Order of the Argo Navis
Filira Zagh, leader of the Noble House Alkiane
Filira Zakkk, Clerk of the Court retired, leader of the Noble House La Firme
Filirae Ozwomen, Ambassadress towards the Rangers, leader of the House Spears of Eora
Filirae Remigra, leader of the House Liberi Margus

Ser Copal, Royal Scribe
Serae Shepeng, Cleric novitiate
Serae Zendae, Hamazan and Master of Arms
Ser Dukenono, vassal of the Kingdom
Ser Faerdinel, vassal of the Kingdom
Ser Fateciy, vassal of the Kingdom
Ser Nilstilar, vassal of the Kingdom
Serae Elizabeth, vassal of the Kingdom
Serae Jenisa, vassal of the Kingdom
Serae Leeisnecyene, vassal of the Kingdom
Serae Onea, vassal of the Kingdom
Serae Marae, vassal of the Kingdom
Serae Nemana, vassal of the Kingdom **

The Novitiate Shepeng has open the session with the traditional prayer to Jena.

The Karan has then shared news from the royal family, starting with the pregnancy of the Karae and the imminent birth of a new royal heir, and the next return of the Karin Aniro in political life after his ten years of training in the Clergy of Jena. These good news are unfortunately darkened by the steady decline of the health of the Karae-Mother Léa.
The Nobles and Vassals attending have expressed their wishes of recovery for the Karae-Mother, and their pleasure at the announcement of the growth of the royal family.

The Houses present have then reported current affairs at the question of the Karan.
Filira Zakkk indicated that the Firme, the Noble House he’s leading, was well.
The Noble Alkian Order, in the figure of his new leader Filira Zagh, is in full revival and is working at getting a new image, still at the service of the Karan and the Kingdom in the name of Jena.
Filirae Ozwomen mentioned the good fame of her House, Spears of Eora, as much towards the Kingdom than the Karavan. They are also surveying the growth of the kitins in the Kingdom.
Filira Erminantius has reported that the Gardiens du Savoir, although few, were continuing their study works at the service of the Kingdom.
The Amazons Mysticia have welcomed a new sister.
Finally, Filira Salazar, as major-domo of the House Order of the Argo Navis, has explained that they were few and that it would probably last unfortunately.

The ambassadors of the other nations have then been given time to speak, but none of them had taken the trouble to come, at the great displeasure of the Karan.
So Filirae Ozwomen has continued with the last news from the rangers. One of them seems to have taken offence from the actions of the Master of Arms Zendae during an expedition of the SKA in the Demon’s Lap, and from the fact that non-Matis members of the SKA hadn’t been explicitly invited to join it. It is unclear if this may, or not, endanger the relationships with the rangers. Na-Karan has hence made Filirae Ozwomen and Serae Zendae responsible of ensuring there would be no further problem.

Filira Erminantius has indicated that there was nothing new in the Witherings.

Filira Salazar has brought some preoccupying news from the Desert, where emperor Lykos seems to want to regain control on his people, especially Thesos. It seems opportune to watch closely the future developments in this country, and Na-Karan has asked his Nobles to think about how to achieve this.

Due to the late time, the other topics have been postponed to Quinteth, Thermis 17, 2nd AC 2585(***) and the Chamber has then been closed with a last prayer to Jena, said by the Novitiate Shepeng.

Written down for Yrkanis’ Archives on Holeth, Fallenor 6, 2nd AC 2585.

Stevano Aiye !
Matis Aiye !
Jena Aiye !

Copal Frerini
Royal Scribe for Avalae – on behalf of Yrkanis’ Royal Scribe

* on October 11th, 2015
** As usual, please let me know by IG mail if I’ve been mistaken regarding the attendees or their titles.
*** on October 13th, 2015
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