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Water Perils

The caravan for emergency aide has been arranged for Prima, Germinally 1, 3rd AC 2551(JY) at 6h. All interested parties transporting water should meet Bresky Mac'Naroy in Fount prior to the scheduled departure time to secure the loads on their packers.

Prior to departure Bresky Mac,Naroy will periodically be available to homins with the Water-Carrier occupation to collect the components needed to prepare the water for transportation. A minimum of 510 small barrels has been stipulated as required by the various people of the Desert using the following conversion chart:

5/5________Basic q10_______1 Bottle
5/5________Improved q15___10 Bottles
5/5________Basic q20_______1 Small Barrel
5/5________Improved q25___10 Small Barrels
5/5________Basic q30_______1 Medium Barrel
5/5________Improved q35___6 Medium Barrels
5/5________Basic q40_______1 Large Barrel
5/5________Improved q45___5 Large Barrels

*) The amounts are 5 Water Certificates/5 Reports from the Commissioner Sender.

25 bottles = 1 small barrel
1 medium barrel = 2 small barrels
1 large barrel = 3 small barrels

A bonus is given for donations of every 20 barrels.

All components must be turned in by 18h on Quarta, Winderly 28, 3rd AC 2551** to allow ample time for packaging.

Any homins wishing to assist in the transport (supplying packers or acting as security) are to meet Bresky Mac'Naroy at in Fount. Please plan on bringing your packers early to have enough time to secure the loads.***

**) Saturday, 3 July 15:00 GMT
***) Saturday, 3 July 18:00 GMT

Warning: This journey is not without risks for your animals. There will be no reimbursement for lost packers or equipment.
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