Temporary Insanity

Sat December 05:

Today was a mix of High and Lows. We got our teams setup with not much
of a problem as we are getting better and better on our response time to do
the weekly hunt and taking Pei and Aen was a breeze.

Pei Ziao didnt offer much of a resistance as it took us 18 minutes to take him
out. We even have time to take a group picture then we ported to dyrom and
withing minutes we have our attack working on Aen.

Is Getting much easier each passing Week and Aen is definetly not a challange
anymore. We have take them both out in less than 40 mins.

And the low part of the evening was Lixie. Oh the shame :(
The setup took a bit long as it was our first time. Lixie Virgins if you like.
and after the whole you stay here and please stay in a straight line, dont move
stay in your place. And a few WTH you doing Noob.(ok that is not so) but i bet the
Thought cross our Mind :)

We were ready or so we Thought. Lixie didnt beat us but we ceirtanly were not
able to beat her. But is just a set back and one we need it to learn from our mistakes
am sure we will meet again and this time i assure you we will be more than ready.


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