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crash when logging in

I would advise to have a look at following link:
http://forums.ryzom.fr/showthread.php?t=7650 (Don't be afraid about .fr, the posting is in English). Though old, the informations about the ports used ingame stil widelyl apply (those about CeB and Ring do not).

If you use a firewall/port filter which may cause issues, deactivate it for a moment and retry.

Another possibility is that you are using a DSL or other internet router which is blocking the ports you need. In that case you have to login into the admin software of your router and allow the ports necessary for the game.

A possibility to test that condition would be to connect you mobile (if it is capable to) to your box via Wifi or USB (tethering mode), and let your box join the internet over your mobile. It you are then able to log in, the router is the villain.


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