Atys "Fight Club"

Greetings homins i come forth to you today with a grand reopening of my fight club i started years ago when i was just a pup in the ryzom world. Fight Club gives a chance for members of all sides to be in one room, pool in money, fight against one another and have fun, and also lose big if the betting gets high ;)

Fight Club includes the following combat:

Hand to hand (Close Combat)
1h Sword, (No shield/bucler)
2h Sword.
And all out naked boxing for noobs and vets!

They buy ins will vary from 10k-50k depending on players levels and the current match up, all buy in money goes twards the event holders fee, and winners prize money, fee's are also waived for back to back winners in multiple fights or a grand champion whose undefeated in one catagory.

The location is the 2nd story of the spring in PYR.

Times and gatherings for fight club can be found out by sending me a tell or a personal mail.


"We won our freedom and will not fold to any homin laws of the New Lands. The only law we recognize is ours." ---Hail Melkiar the Black Varinx---
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