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Performance issues on ubuntu 14.04

Karu (atys)
Astarth (atys)
this performance issue were the same in ubuntu 13.04 64 bit, so i take it is a problem between my chipset and linux regardless of architecture.
You missed my post so here is a quick version. If you run multiple clients, then you must ensure they run in separate cores. By default ryzom locks itself into last core and multiple client all share that single code.

already tried it, but it's not locating a cfg which is in the folder and finally the thread ends with some bogus about not driver for the nel3d... honestly ive never run any game who is so plagued with mistakes and needing this many workarounds just to work... though the problem might be in the way the FX 6300 works as it takes uses cores in blocks of two (even the thread i get in the solution you gave me suggests that linux is taking the 6 cores as 3)
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