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Performance issues on ubuntu 14.04

Rubiksmomo (atys)
I never had any issues playing Ryzom on 64bit Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Installed directly from the software center.

same here, but this time the game wasnt even starting, there's another thread about this issue and i got a few ideas for a workaround there, so far all known fixes weren't able to make ruyzom work on the 64bit version. but this problem isnt new and it also happened on the old 64bit distro i had (i did a full format and had to reinstall everything).

this performance issue were the same in ubuntu 13.04 64 bit, so i take it is a problem between my chipset and linux regardless of architecture. actually i 've always preferred the linux client, but i'm not going to overuse my chipset for a game that shouldnt use that capacity. hence why im asking for some help.

to be honest ryzom hasnt had a single optimization upgrade in years so it's no wonder this problems appear from time to time
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