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27th of july 2015

1 Music project for Ryzom

Few weeks ago I was talking with Gorias about some stuff for my work in the Lore Team related to the Marauders. And we noticed that both share a common idea.
We both think we lack music in Atys. The music each race plays in their festivities, to have fun or to relax. Music is the most important thing in any culture, and the cultures of Ryzom must have music too!!
So after few days of talking, we decided to start a project inside the Lore Team to write the "musical lore". It will take long. We are focused in writing the Theory of Sound by now. How the sound moves around Atys. How the environment affects to the sound. How each race understand those sounds and how later they start to create sounds with basic instruments and how those instruments evolved.
In short, by now is just a Lore Team work. But of course, Gorias and I share the same dream. Someday, this Lore come true in the game. Maybe players playing to some instruments? Maybe new NPC with new missions related to the sound? I was talking with Tamarea and a Music Team, and of course a Music Group in RF could be great so we can start having ideas and sharing them to move towards that dream.
I am a musician myself and I can´t wait to start creating some songs. But, as I told, by now this is just a Lore work by now. I don´t want to make no one sad, but we want to make sure we create a good Musical Lore to be sure which kind of materials and instruments can be used to make music, or to understand what kind of music a Zoraï could like.

Q: There are some music instruments in the concept arts!
A: That´s true YannK. But we are rechecking all that. Those instruments are just an idea. There is nothing inside the Lore about them.

Q: Right now i play Ryzom with my sound turned off because if it is on I crash all the time when entering and exiting guild hall or cities. Is there a way to fix this first? Otherwise i cannot play with sound turned on.
A: that´s true, but I just came to tell you all we have a project inside the Lore Team about the music of Atys. Once this is finished, I think we should start to see how we could implement or not the musical lore in Ryzom, or if it is possible.

Q: But it is primarily about the definition of scores of individual nations or?
A: No. That will be the last part. We are working in the physicis of the music by now. How the sound moves in the different enviroments, how that sounds affect the enviroment. How the sound affect the races and their culture. Once we have this "Theory of Sound" finished, we will start to make each race work. The instruments for example. And with the time, why not, make scores of songs for each race or faction.
I understand that waiting for the Lore is finished is frustrating when we already could have tones of ideas, I have a lot for example, but we must make this step by step to avoid problems in the future. I hope the ones who share the same dream as Gorias and I have are happy to know this project is already started. And I hope we can join in the future to make a great work. I just want to ask you to be patient.

Q: there has been some ideas in the forums about including instruments in the game that players can play.
A: The musical lore doesn´t exist and Gorias and I are working on it. We started few weeks ago and we think is better to have that Lore finished before we start making the work to implement in game.
Unless there are more questions I don´t have nothing more to add. Of course, if you have something, don´t hesitate to send me a mail to or talk with me while I am on IRC.


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