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[READ ME] Linux FAQ and tutoriels

Did it, got more files patched when I ran a ryzom binary. My build still crashes at the same loading step. This time it didn't output the fancy nel_log with all the extra data. I compared log.log for runs by my current build and Icus's and found they were the same up to the crash. The last messages in the crashing log are different than before the update:
2015/08/03 07:18:30 WRN 2029074240 <Unknown> path.cpp 579 lookup : PATH: File (r2_entry_points.txt) not found (r2_entry_points.txt)
2015/08/03 07:18:30 INF 2029074240 <Unknown> common.cpp 615 Exception : Exception will be launched: Path not found for r2_entry_points.txt
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