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suggesion: make forum-polls possible and move the feedback-forum in here please

There are many many really good suggestions to be found in the feedback-forum.
http://feedback.ryzom.com/forums/2600-english?filter=top&page =1
Much much more than just 10!

Also you can't make more than 10 suggestions there yourself because each suggestion needs at least one vote by yourself...

It would be ok to be limited to 1 vote per suggestion, so you could see how many players really want this or that change. Or 2 votes maximum for actual players of Ryzom and only 1 vote for inactive players or multi-accounts (there is no limit to fake accounts at the feedback-forum right now)...

To put up the feedback in this forum instead of the feedback-forum would have three positive aspects:

1. it wouldn't be so easy to cheat with multiple accounts for one user here as it is now in the feedback-forum, if only actual account-owners could be made able to vote in here

2. there are alredy too many "important" outgame-sources for Ryzom by now to keep track (Dev-blogs/Twitter, RP-Forum, Feedback-forum, homepage, "old" forum, this new forum, perhaps also facebook and interviews/reviews here and there)

I want to play and have one central board where I'll find the latest information and where I can discuss this game. I don't want to spend hours to take a look at every possible Ryzom-source to get the latest news!

3. this forum would get more active I hope. Just take a look at the old/official forums in comparsion to this one!


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