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Technical harvesting notes

Thanks for the feedback! These are of course notes, and not yet a guide.
Bitttymacod (atys)
weather granularity must be modified by something in the code because I have seen exe mats that are bi-weathered, mats that have cutoffs that are not on the boundaries of the best/good/poor/worst, etc. There is a preponderance of weather change on the 1/6 1/3 .... changes in the weather number, but that is not universal.

Deposit filter setting is not exclusive; they can of course be flagged as showing up in a range of conditions. I've added a note to reflect that. There was also a bug in (recent?) clients that causes server weather and client weather to be completely different...
Bitttymacod (atys)
There is also a definite and substantial random factor on the impact of any action on the stability and life of a particular source. If you included that, I'm sure I didn't recognize it.

I do note that the actual impact of any action to D or E can be anywhere (uniformly drawn) from 0x to 2x.
Bitttymacod (atys)
The most important thing to a harvester (at least to me and various I know) is how does the location where you stand affect popping of nodes in various combinations of angle and range, and that isn't addressed by your extraction of knowledge at all.

Added a section on that. The mechanics aren't too interesting; basically it's a pick-and-draw until you get something or give up. Because of the way points are sampled (uniformly draw from angle range, then uniformly draw from distance range), you end up sampling close points more densely than far points.

Deposits themselves can be any shape allowed by a NLLIGO::CPrimZone, i.e. any valid polygon (?), and their exact locations are locked up in the server-side leveldesign data.


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