Transférer les articles de Khaganat sur Ryzom Forge ?

Transfer Khaganat's article on Ryzom Forge ?

Hello everybody,

As announced on #ryzomforge, we documented a lot of things on primitives and datasheets, and this is only the beginning.
This documentation is accessible to everyone, on the wikhan of Khaganat (special wiki about "technical"). We try to translate this documentation in French and English, to a minimum; If translators want to help us, including in other languages, they are welcome :)

We use Khaganat's wiki in first for quite basic reasons: we know well the syntax, and the organization. So it more fast to write... The Khaganat's wiki is based on Dokuwiki. This Ryzom Forge is based on MediaWiki, the syntax is different. The licenses of the two projects are same : CC-BY-SA. This documentation is done through collaboration between the two projects, information can be found indifferently on one side and the other without it raises concern.

When we starting this documentation, we aimed to put everything on the wiki Ryzom Forge after the draft. The information is thus at two locations; people who only know Ryzom have access to information in this way (without search something weird like "Khaganat"). This is what we have done for some tutorials, as Creating and deploying cudlly toys "Atys' mobs" in game (RF Version) and Khaganat Version .

But the mass of documentation is building up. It is already huge, and as I said, it's just the beginning. There are about 150 pages to be transferred to the RF wiki now.

I wonder about the relevance of transferring all that, especially given the few contributors in each of wikis. This is a huge job for a few volunteers who do not have infinite time to devote to this task, and have almost no return on what they do (although I distributed a little marshmallow on #khaganat and #ryzomforge from time to time, but it is not huge, and then I want too...).

Also, before I expend energy and time to go recruit more volunteers and to make tutorials explaining how to transfer, and train and mentor people ... I ask you if it seems useful to transfer all this documentation, or if it would be enough to make just a page pointing to another wiki (or any other solution).

I await your opinion before work :P


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