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Report: Ryzom Forge meeting -18th of may 2015

Translation group

1 - Recruitment:
We're looking for translators to English (3 FR => EN), to German (2), to Spanish (2), to Russian (3) and to French (2).
We cannot ensure the russian translations for now because we don't have any russian translator anymore.
If you want to apply, please contact Tamarea at tamarea@ryzom.com

2 - Ingame text corrections
Zanata's test
:Anything new?
(Reminder: the How to Zanata is availabe here: http://forge.ryzom.com/wiki/How_to_Zanata.org )

Ingame text errors
"Drumel is thinking about ways for players to mention efficiently the errors in the ingame text. "YannK has implemented a test for the translation workflow following the informations in RF document. He managed to generate diff, and to integrate the resulting translation files from the source files. Drumel and he are discussing together." => Anything new?

3 - Rite translation


4 - Wiki Lore translation

Request done during the last meeting: "If there was a simple list of articles to be translated on the wiki, with priorities, it would be nice. For now, everything is mixed up, and we don't really know where to start." => anything new?


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