Report - Ryzom Forge meeting - 11th of may 2015

Dev group

[Ulukyn] It will be quite short. Nothing really special on the dev side, except for some bug fixes, priority is to let the Level Design progress very soon.
[Tamarea] Crowdfunding : For the dev projects up to 1500-2000 €, WinchGate is proposing us not to start a crowdfunding, it will found these projects itself if it find them interesting for Ryzom. For each project, the dev will have to give to WG his detailed project with a price estimate for each task, WinchGate will decide then.
 We'd need for Kaetemi to prepare such a document for the "Blender" project (to get rid of 3DSMax).
 [Zatalyz] We found/created lots of documents and we need help to 1)translate 2)migrate it on the RF wiki. Lyne and Osquallo have already translated a lot, but help would be welcome, and there is really a lot of things. 
 Regarding the migration to the wiki: it requires no technical knowledge, only patience. I can teach you the little I know. If you are interested, ask me, we'll chose an evening for this (the group generates emulation). 
 For the interested ones who'd like to see this doc: a part is available in the RyzomCore sources, on how to create missions. I'm told that it looks a bit with the ARK options. Maybe it could help the ones working with it? French: https://khaganat.net/wikhan/fr:rcprimitivemissiondoc / English: https://khaganat.net/wikhan/en:rcprimitivemissiondoc
We also have lots of doc on the datasheets thanks to YannK, it's quite fresh. Here also we'd need help to translate it in English: https://khaganat.net/wikhan/fr:rcdssitem

[Zatalyz] We (Khaganat) are wondering a lot about the choice that Ryzom seems to be doing to work only with Ark to add missions and content, and not on primitives. It won't make the traffic between the server and the players heavier? While everything is in the primitives, most of the tasks are managed by the client? NH is already slow on some days; but how will it be if there are more things based on ARK ? The encyclopedy rites, everything supposed to last, wouldn't it be best in the primitves? Ark is the ideal tool for punctual events, but is it fit for permanent content? Especially on the bandwidth side.
=> [Ulukyn] Indeed, if we had to compare both, ARK takes much more bandwidth than the primitives. Now, if it was simple, fun, efficient to add missions with the primitives, I would have improved the system long ago. But I spent months on it... it's just very very clumsy. The 2 added rites took months, and they bug evey now and then. In addition of not working as expected for socres of reasons. The 2 marauder rites have beed added in 3 years by a very present dev. You cannot really compare. And between developping a not really fitted tool and not really extensible, or rent one more server for Ark, there's no contest. Moreover, new modules will decrease Ark lenghts. With less exchanges between server, client ark, and through the use of new commands.


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