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New rules for guilds?

The following things come to mind:
  • Are there marauder-aligned guilds?
  • Are marauders a faction, a race (nation) or an organization
    (IMHO an anti-nation+anti-faction org)
  • Neutral guilds are the most restricted (all members have to be neutral)
  • Pro-guilds are the most "open" (neutral + pro can join)
  • pro-guilds don't "want" (from a RP perspective) no anti-their-own-alignment members
  • The current alignment system doesn't work for marauders (unless we get 2 marauder fames - one for nation and one for faction leading to weird situations like )
  • I've never seen the marauders as anti-cult/faction so I was really surprised when they were first introduced as an org

These things lead to the following logical rules for marauders/guilds:

  • Marauders should be forbidden in Neutral guilds (pro is forbidden so anti should as well)
  • Marauders should be forbidden in Pro-guilds
  • Neutrals should be able to join marauder guilds
  • We need 2 new fames (one could be renamed): atheists (new faction for anti) and deserters (new nation for anti)
  • Marauder guards would have to check both fames
  • A marauder guild would be atheist-deserter (and a trytonist guild would be atheist-neutral or atheist-some nation)
  • If your fame goes below -50 for ALL factions you're no longer neutral but atheist (trytonist?)
  • If your fame goes below -50 for ALL nations you're no longer neutral but a deserter
  • It might be a good idea to create "open" guilds, where anybody can join,  but they would need some other kind of restriction instead (eg. having a guild hall which is just apartment sized)


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