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New rules for guilds?

I think for the last few years (and especially the Marauders) we have been the guinea pigs in preparation for advancements(? - errr more like the creation of more bugs and issues........) in the game.

I firstly dont agree with the way that the devs handled the implementation of the Marauder *organisation*/faction/WhateverTheHeckItIs.... and because of this I just see us (the player base) taking chunks out of each other or going around in circles: well if we cant why should you... well according to RP you cant do this that or the other...

The Lore was not properly addressed before the merging of the servers and the Marauder organisation was implemented in bits and pieces.

There is a lot of fixing that needs done in the game and I personally do not think THIS is as important.  Regardless of what I think personally the reality is the devs have left the player base to make do and we have made done and are now used to how things are even if we have to make alts to do NH.  I guess this is a bit like facebook and when they used to update it and there was an uproar until we all eventually got used to it... sadly I don't think the majority of us will have a say in this and we will just have to get used to it.

**Just so there is no confusion I still consider the Marauders as an organisation and I do not think they should be considered a faction and as such they should be treated in an organisation and be free to join any guild.**


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