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New rules for guilds?

Since my 2 previous posts were ignored (maybe because no one cares that I am a newbie; or that i have brought valid facts that would upset this ridiculous idea) I will leave with you "Our rage and lamentations do us more harm that whatever caused our anger and grief in the first place" This is not directed at anyone in particular but as a collective whole for the silliness of this all….

Marauder: someone who wanders or raids in search of plunder.

By that very definition, we are all Marauders so this very silly and lengthly post (because too many people are missing the point) means that we are all guilty regardless of allegiance (Faction) and should just let people enjoy the game as is. Change will not be for the better, it will be for the worse and if that is what you want, you will see what i wrote earlier come true with a mass exudes.

Soyeok :-)

@ Virg - I agree :)

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