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New rules for guilds?

*Hands Callie a chill-pill*

'mechanics of marauders' is very much going to be a part of any discussion about whether marauders should be allowed in aligned guilds. Granted there was some slightly off topic stuff but the thread is staying on course. The mechanics apply in the fact there are so many more useful things the devs could be working on rather than adding restrictions to the marauders. If they truly wanted to help- they would focus on that stuff instead.

Within anything the devs do and decide they think about two things:
1) The roleplay implications
2) The impact on the players

If you want to change their minds you are going to have to focus in both aspects and provide good reasoning for both. (C'mon Bina I am sure you can make some good RP arguments :P). Simply picking one and beating it to death won't get you anywhere.

(@Laofa clearly you didn't read what I said so no point in continuing that)



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