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New rules for guilds?

regarding cookies channel, perhaps it is an alternative to a guild structure, but it comes with both indignities and inconveniences. AFAIK, everyone is kicked at a server reset and has to 'rejoin' each time. Also, no way to kick members who do not abide by the group's ethos (totally separate to RP) or who are suspected of spying from other guilds. no centralised collection of materials so anybody less than full crafter can easily make equipment for young homins. there is no obligation to a chat channel in the way there is to a guild... if a guild is is tight like spandex, then chat channels are tight like 10-year old underwear...

If devs want or had intended guilds to be a strict role-playing element, so be it. But for all those who do anythign less than hard-core RP, where is the equivalent?
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