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New rules for guilds?

Guards recognize you because, to became a marauder, you must go down your fame to -42.

-42 = All people know that you are a criminal and don't want to have trade with you. You have your portrait in all guardroom.

Marauder PNJ want that you are "a star". A malefic and hated star, because marauder pnj want only people who is really ennemy of nation and factions.

This is what is reputation, fame : how other people, in a nation/faction, considers you. If you want to be anonymous, stay with start fame. (And start fame are not all in zero, because homins (pnj) in Atys have a lot of partiality and racism... sad but real). You can love nations, but nations don't like you. You are a public ennemy when you are a marauder.

Fame is good logical. Attack by guard is good logical too. Only one thing how is not logical : to go down fame, kill people haven't effect. PNJ consider that you are more offensive when you says "I don't want to stay citizen... ho, wait, I'm not citizen !" than when you kill them...


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