Why do Roleplayers meet with hostility on Ryzom?

@ Crick: I agree in part with your objections, so let me be more precise about my post.

about caveat (1): Sorry, I was unaware of the term 'cooperative story telling' as already being a fixed label in parts of the roleplay community / creative writing community. Will 'consensual story telling' do it for you?

about caveat (2): No no no, I have no intention to propose clumsy 'pre-scripted roleplay' in online roleplaying. Sorry if my proposal was mistakable in that point.
From what I experienced and whitnessed over years both on Leanon(german) server and on Atys server I came to the following conclusions:
(a) 'Conflict roleplay' should be somehow consensual. Otherwise 'conflict roleplayers' cannibalize their roleplay community.
(b) Whenever a 'conflict roleplay' gets started, the involved roleplayers should agree about a rough idea of how to play a 'conflict ending scenario'. This could be done by short ooc talk at the beginning. I believe experienced roleplayers will be able to roleplay towards one or more constructive ending scenarios without much ooc talk in advance.

(I witnessed some 'neverending roleplay conflicts' in Ryzom forum right after server merge and it was frightening to follow those endless fights over verbal dominance. To me it seemed as a definit lack of will for constructive endings in those 'conflicts' - 'conflicts' that ceased to be roleplay.)

'... life brings all sorts of challenges which aren't conflict with other people, and even conflict amongst people doesn't have to always be rude or lethal ...' - thanks a lot, fully agree.
Roleplay challenge can be much more than merely 'conflict roleplay' :)
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