Query Concerning Mektoub Mounts

1) The mek stays where you dropped. Whether or not the mek is alive when you return to that spot is another matter entirely.

2) Yes. While not all agro mobs will kill your mount, it's not unheard of either. It's a bit random whether they will or won't but best to err on the side of caution.
As Rubiksmomo said, the most common cause of dead mounts/packers is gassing. Between digging and Yelks, gassing happens more often than you'd think. Some even consider it a sport!
I generally park mine is safe places. You won't see much agro or digging in downtown Fairhaven, nor can anything really hurt a packer that is treading water in a pond.
If your mek does depart the land of the living, you have 72 hours to retrieve your belongings from it before the corpse (and everything on it) disappear.

3) That depends on distance travelled. As my meks don't move much, I don't think I've bought them food in over a year.

4) Weight is unlimited; I've never seen one weighed down. Bulk is 300 for a mount (same as your bag) and 500 for a packer.


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