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[NON OFFICIEL] Client Linux statique 2.0

I compiled a new version of the client for linux, this one include the new version of the chatlog (64bits version and 32 bits version). There is no existing program at the moment to filter it, but it's really using basic shell command : (and yes, i'm aware about UUOC, but it's here for clarity)

Removing only system info :
cat log_icus.txt|grep -v "(SYSTEM)"

Keeping only one channel :
[code]cat log_icus.txt|grep "(SAY)"
Keeping only several channels (here, around, emotes and region) :
cat log_icus.txt|grep -E "\(SAY\)|\(SAY/EMT\)|\(REGION\)"

Removing several channels :
cat log_icus.txt|grep -v "(SYSTEM)"|grep -v "(UNIVERSE)"

full list of tag (remember to escape the () with a \ if you use the -E option)

Unfortunately, the nation / faction are considered as dynamic channel, so if you want to remove/add them you either need to know their dyn channel number (easy, if your shortcut to type in nation is /2 then it's 2 so (DYN2)), or display the name of dynamic channel in chat, this way the log will be like that:
2015/03/24 16:24:57 (DYN4) * @{EE3F}[4 Karavan] Vous dites : @{AFBF}Faction
So just do a grep "Karavan]" ; if multiple, something like grep -E "\(SAY\)|Karavan]"


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