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[In one of Fairhaven’s bars three homina’s are still sitting in a dim corner in deep conversation, though one of them is now slurring her speech in a most pronounced manner, and has just apparently finished discussing the merits of HA boots for dancing.]

Lacuna did not fully trust this well-dressed, young trykerette, but since all they would lose would be dappers that did not matter.  Making Suboxide, Gasket, and most importamtly, Ghuiss, suffer was paramount.  Lauren looked like the type of girl that would go that one step too far for monetary gain, and that could end up being useful in all kinds of ways.

Speaking softly, she fixed her gaze on Lauren, ‘Do not forget Gasket’s role in all of this, nor that the ringleader was Ghuiss.  All of them must be punished! I am sure that there is some old law that has fallen into obscurity in the statute books that can help us.  Maybe these ‘experts' of yours can help ‘clean up’ some damaged document.  I am sure Bina will want to proceed in the matter of gaining control of GoSS, and of course, its funds.  I will leave you to discuss the details of that matter among yourselves.  I hope I find I need not reiterate why it is imperative that Ghuiss suffer by the end of this?  Good.  You will both come out of this extremely wealthy… and’ Lacuna smiles sweetly.  ‘healthy women.'

Lacuna beckoned the barman over and ordered Bina another stinga rum.  She took out a small leather satchel from under her seat and slid it across the table to Lauren.  ‘There’s enough supreme zun in there to cover the costs of your retainer and that of your experts.  When you need more let Binarabi know and she will contact us.  And, of course, if you discover any inconvenient witnesses or evidence, we will be more than happy to take care of this free of charge'


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