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[Still in a strangely dark corner of one of Fairhaven's water-side bars.]

Lauren wasn't at all sure that she wanted to know exactly what Lacuna meant by "justice for Nelly." The quotes around the first word were clearly audible. However, it was clear that the Lost Girls had dappers, and no love for Suboxide, and it was her job to get some of them.

"Nair-Lacuna, a simple ..." (How much do I dare ask for?) "... one million dapper retainer will suffice for now. Our first step, of course will be to get one of the corporals to issue a Fairhaven restraining order to make sure that Suboxide doesn't bother our client over by the stable. That will be easy."

"Then we sue him for defamation of the good name of nair-Binarabi." Lauren looked at the more than slightly soused Binarabi and grimaced.

"We'll need to 'find' some witnesses to clearly show that Nelly's death was a horrible accident, that Binarabi attempted to care-plan the node even as it exploded, et cetera. I can let Evidence Staff handle that, but it could be a major expense. Once we know how much that's going to cost we can figure out how much we need to sue Suboxide for." Lauren paused. "And what your bill will be."

"Binarabi, do you want to press fraud charges for the theft of your guild status? That would have to be a separate item, but it would mean that Suboxide wouldn't have the deep coffers of the Guild to back his defense."

While waiting for Binarabi's reply Lauren thought about the other offer: Duie Be'Tamm and Haou had rules against taking money on the side, but Uncle Padger would be ashamed of her if she didn't at least make a try for it ... and she hadn't needed to actually say anything.
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