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Reorganization and opening of the teams of Ryzom

Here is the EN pad about the reorganisation of the teams: https://lite5.framapad.org/p/RyzomForgeMeetings_EN_eL653gQampF52y G

The goal of this reorganisation is to regroup in the same group the members of Winch Gate under NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement), and contributors from Ryzom Forge (without NDA).
Each Ryzom team opens to the comunity so we can make dual teams.

NDA are still mandatory to access non free documents, but this new organization will allow the contributors for Ryzom Forge to work actively on everything else.

For example, in the Lore team, the ones with NDA will work on the Lore advanced of the Saga while the ones without NDA will work at updating and enriching the collaborative/official wiki: http://en.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki (it exists in EN, DE, ES, FR, just replace en with de, es or fr).

The Level Design and Ark teams will work partly on the new encyclopedia, and partly on the creation of missions (cf roadmap).

The ones with NDA and the ones without NDA will hence share the tasks for more efficiency and a greater transparency.

There's no specific procedure to join a team, you just have to come on IRC to speak with the others about its projects, or to ask how you can help.

Q.Will Ryzom Forge will be used as a bridge between Ryzom Core and Ryzom?

A. The links between Ryzom Core, Ryzom Forge and Ryzom can be seen there (not translated yet):

Ryzom Core becomes the upstream, Ryzom Forge the heart, and Winch Gate only gives the final validation (in order not to add anything) and implementation on the game server.[/color]
This should allow a better efficiency in general.

#ryzomforge remains the main channel of Ryzom Forge, the other ones are specific channels for the different teams. Don't hesitate to come on them!

Ryzom Roadmap for 2015

See http://framacalc.org/ryzom-roadmap-2015-EN-Efg1025Ahglf.

This general roadmap for Ryzom has only one goal: adding content.
It is a basic version of the roadmap, with just the final aims. Each team will have to detail its own roadmap.

This reorganisation between the teams and the opening inside each team, associated with a clear roadmap so that everyone works in the same direction, will allow Ryzom to progress well in 2015.


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