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[In one of Fairhaven’s seedier bars three homina’s sit in a darkly lit corner in deep conversation.]

Lacuna looked at Binarabi and drew the hood of her cloak further over her face.  The guards in Fairhaven were useless but there was no sense in flaunting her presence here.  Bina appeared to have been at the stinga rum again.  This was all Bina’s fault, but she did owe her former guild leader a debt for past kindnesses.    

Lacuna looks down at the cheaply printed wanted-poster.  ‘So let me get this straight: Suboxide and Gasket got you drunk and then convinced you to hand leadership of GoSS over to Ghuiss! Just how drunk were you, woman!’

Binarabi, blushed and looks down at her glass.

‘So after they smear your name by branding you a mek killer, they steal all the dappers from the Guild House, and Ghuiss then uses this as an excuse to demote you.’  Lacuna sighs. ‘I did warn you about him! I told you he was EVIL after he deliberately “forgot” my birthday!’  She sighs again and orders Binarabi another stinga rum.  The price was going to cost the trykerette, so she may as well soften the blow.  

'Don’t worry, we will help, but there will be a reckoning later, Bina. But we can discuss that after these excrescences have been brought to "justice".'

Bina looked relieved and downed her rum in one, and held out the glass with a hopeful and embarrassed smile. Lacuna smiled and beckoned to the barman.

Lacuna turned to Lauren O'Toogh. 'Comrade Lauren, Duie Be'Tamm and Hauo can bill Lost Girls for all reasonable costs for the prosecution of this case.  We will, after the successful conclusion of the case, also pay a 10m dappers bonus to you, if Suboxide, Gasket and Ghuiss are completely and utterly ruined.  Duie Be'Tamm and Hauo need never know about this bonus, it will be private understanding between us.  You look like the type of homina who appreciates the nicer things in life… and I am sure I need not grossly state what we expect in return for earning this bonus, and our gratitude.’ Lacuna looked Lauren squarely in the eye, and Lauren saw just how lucid insanity could be.
‘However, if you, or your employers, try to take advantage of our generous nature, accidents do happen - buildings burn down in the middle of the night, and nice young homina fall down stairs, after repeatedly stabbing themselves in the back with an axe!’  Lacuna glanced over Lauren’s exquisite attire.  'It would be a shame to get such nice clothing covered in blood, especially if it were your own.  So, to be clear, we are not interested in any monetary gain in this action.  Duie Be'Tamm and Hauo and Binarabi may keep all damages and divide them as you both see fit.  As i understand it, the pustules stole over 30m dappers from GoSS. That alone should provide a good incentive to make sure that these criminals do not escape justice.  But to be very clear, we will expect “justice” for Nelly to be done!  I hope we understand one another?'


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