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[[Lauren is startled by Binarabi's reply. How could this (in)famous Trykerette not have dappers? While she thought, she gestured to Ba'Naer Liffan to bring another drink for Binarabi.]]

"Surely you jest, nair-Binarabi. I represent the firm of Duie Be'Tamm and Hauo, and the partners never do ..."

The young lawyer struggled for the moment in an attempt to pronounce the forbidden words. "... do work without compensation."

"You may have the drink, but unless you can come up with a retainer, I'm afraid that we will just have to let Boss Suboxide have his way."

She paused, with a calculating look and spoke quietly, "It's a shame, really. We could have made a good case. Nair-Be'Tamm knows the Governor personally, you know. Still, if you have no dappers..."

Lauren stood and bowed, then slowly walked away from the bar.
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