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[Comm & Mark] How players could increase Ryzom publicity: Nuzanshi's little ...

Hello and greetings to all Ryzom players and Ryzom forge volunteers,
Oren pyr, this is the player of Nuzanshi here ☼☼☼

I am writing here because in Ryzom roadmap I read about 'improving commercial visiblity of Ryzom'.
So I thought about what I could do to improve Ryzom's publicity in the mmorpg gaming community.
After a lot of deep thinking (and drinking lots of psycopla coffee while doing so) I came up with a very simple idea:

I can talk about Ryzom in public mmorpg player forums. Great idea, isn't it?

This article is about on which online platforms I do this, what I exactly do, how I do it and and how other Ryzom players can do the same if they want to.


First step: 'Where-to'

Choice of online mmorpg gaming platforms and appropriate mmorpg discussion threads.

I carefully selected three mmorpg online platforms where I want to publish my pro-Ryzom postings.
- I chose english websites because english speaking mmorpg platforms seem to have most readers worldwide. (And I chose English websites because apart from German it is only English language I speak well enough - at least I hope so *cough*).
- I chose mmorpg online platforms with a professional editorial staff and a good forum administration to minimize the risk of harassment, shit storms or any other negative communication.
- I concentrate on very few websites (3 sites, but with a lot of reader traffic), so a daily check can be done quickly.

I chose the following 3 mmorpg news and discussion platforms:
► the section 'General Discussion -> LFGame'. Here players ask for mmorpg recommendations. (LFGame = looking for game).
► On reddit I look for people who ask for mmorpg recommendations too.
►On reddit/r/mmorpg there is a 'Daily LF MMO Request Thread' where I can often recommend Ryzom. This is the forum on which I wrote most about Ryzom since I started this little project in February.
This is the follower of which was shut down in february this year.
► On (Massively overpowered) I look for discussion threads about Ryzom related themes.

Ryzom related themes for example are:
sandbox game, old mmorpgs, deep crafting system, foraging system, classless game mechanic, day-night cycle, season cycle, friendly community, roleplay, open source, linux client, mac client, games for low hardwares specifications, low graphic requirements

Second step: 'What-to'

What I really do on those mmorpg online platforms:

Well, I registered on all three platforms as 'Nuzan'.
All these mmorpg platforms have a player discussion forum section or an article comment function.

►On forums I check all threads in the 'LF Game'-section (LFG = looking for game). On there is a 'Daily LF MMO Request Thread'.
►On both forums I answer to player's threads and player postings who search for mmorpgs with specific requirements such as: 'Looking for full loot pvp mmorpg (no answer) ... looking for f2p game (no answer) ... looking for mmorpg with deep crafting system (YES, answer ☻) ... looking for mmo with friendly community (YES, answer ☻) .

Generally, I do a daily check (well, mostly daily) of all players posts who look for advice which mmorpg they could choose. If Ryzom fits into the player's mmorpg requirements, I post a short answer to those players, recommending Ryzom.
AND I NEVER forget to implement a link to! ☻
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