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Ryzom Forge's meetings

Ryzom Forge meeting - 2nd of mars 2015 - 20:30 UTC on IRC #ryzomforge

1 - Development group: RF's tests server - Ryzom Core Studio and Ndvidia card - Server patch on the 3rd of march.
2 - Translation group: improvement of the ingame text.
3 - Level Design group: Matis rite 50 (geographic).
4 - Graphic group: icons for the rites in progress - appartment and hall objects - Special effects.
5 - Communication group: creation of a list of sites on which we could talk about Ryzom.
6 - Lore group: Lore wikis.
7 - Ark group: access to the official test server (Yubo) - Scripts in progress.

Log of the meeting


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