[Zoraïs] Circles assembly of Zora


The Circles' assembly of the Zoraïs met on 8h - Dua, Medis 26, 1st AC 2582, and the following homins were present:

Supplice, Sage
Zhoi, Zorai Ambassador
Sari, Homin
Kytaro, Zorai Guardian
Nahual, Zorai Initiate
Rikutatis, Dynastic Scribe
Dounhoja, Zorai Initiate
Lehony, Zorai Initiate
Xtarsia, Guild Leader of Celestai
Zurath, Blessed by Ma-Duk
Echtelion, Zorai Initiate
Ember, Larvester
Erminantius, Matis Ambassador
Zendae, Mistress of Arms
Salazar, Matis Noble
Kaen, Ranger Companion
Remigra, Priestess
Kiwalie, Apprentice Pathfinder
Khalaoden, Priest
Nejimbe, Homin
Old zorai, Poor lonesome old homin
Tear of Serenity, Oracle of Min-Cho

Here is a summary of what was discussed:

- Defense Circle:

The kitin swarming in Tunnel of Woe and the kitin attack on Yrkanis were discussed, generating much controversy and some heated arguements. Dynastic Scribe Rikutatis and Zorai Guardian Kytaro blamed the Matis for poking their noses where it doesn't belong and prodding the kitin nest with massive expeditions, thus causing the swarming. Initiate Nahual defended the right of the Matis to attack the kitins in their own lands, and Ambassador Zhoi and Ambassador Erminantius also came to the defense of the Matis by explaining that there might be other, more mysterious reasons for the swarming. They mentioned a mysterious homin who was seen around the nest and might belong to an ancient anti-kitin organization. It was decided that the College for Kitin Studies will be investigating this matter further, and the two Zoraï representatives for the college were chosen: Awakened Rikutatis and Ambassador Sygmus.

- Reconstruction Circle:

An Old zorai was invited to address the assembly and tell his story - his village had been attacked by bandits some days prior. According to him, the bandits took everything they had but did not harm anyone. They were of all races and wore all types of clothes and armor but no insignia. They were all mounted on mektoubs. The old zorai could not give any more details about the atack. He did mention a letter left behind by the bandits, but he did not have possession of this letter. He would try to find it and bring it to Sage Supplice, so that it could be used in the investigation.

Sage Supplice asked if anyone had suggestions for the new banners of the Zoraï cities. There were some ideas and discussion on the matter, but no one had any solid proposals. Sage Supplice asked the Zoraïs to come up with their proposals and present them in the next assembly.

- Spirituality Circle

Just when Sage Supplice was calling the beginning of the discussions for the spirituality circle, an unknown young Zoraï walked into the assembly. She introduced herself as Tear of Serenity, the Oracle of Min-Cho. This so called "Oracle" showed little respect for the Zoraïs and their assembly, provoking some heated discussions. She denied the possibility of choice and claimed the future was already predetermined. When Noble Salazar asked where her abilities came from, she simply said: "from that which you discard, that which you deny".

Tear of Serenity went on to make three prophecies of doom for the Zoraïs: the children of Goo will take something dear from the Zoraïs, an injured mythical beast will rampage and cause destruction in the jungle, the ancestors of the Zoraïs will rise up and march against the Theocracy. After that she left.

Due to lack of time, the last two circles of the assembly had to be postponed to a future date.*

Rikutatis, Dynastic Scribe


(*) Friday, 20 February 20:00:00 UTC


"We are Kami. We are here to be you. We are many as you are of many minds. We are one as you are one in Ma-Duk."
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