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Temporary Insanity

Sunday June 13

Time for an Update:

TI is still buttonmashing NPC Marauders To Death and
getting close to die of Buttonmashing Boredom in the
process but we are making progress and almost done
with our 4th set of Plans and we dont plan on stopping
anytime soon.

With the Appearance of a 5th NPC Marauder called
Dante the (am not a challenge) Teaser we have more
to kill in our Hunts. TI is going to try to get a Set of
Dante's LA to all our members, which just means we
are Commited to stay in Ryzom for years to come.

We have Completed the First Dante LA Set and the
Lucky Winner is a Fyros Akenak. Congrat

Plenty more Updates to come Stay tuned...


Am the Lizard King......... I can do Anything
Temporary Insanity Complaint Department Officer
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