Temporary Insanity

Thursday Dec 3:

This coming Saturday at 22:00 GMT. TI have a meeting with Pei Ziao and Aen
this will be a Guild only event. Last weekend we easily took both of them out and
we are looking to repeat our feat and beat our 2 hours time record.

We all at TI our very excited and dedicated to complete our goals and this is a
challange that was in the works for quite some time and we have finally decided to
go for it. As you know to obtain all bits, plans and crystals could take a while but
as i stated before we are here for the long run and no matter how long this will take
we will acomplish our Goal.

Our Plan of Attack is to hit Pei and Aen untill we have all we need from them both
then move after Lixie and Sirgio. Our Jewel Crafter is already hard at work finding the
"right" recipe for our high resistant gear and we will be ready to take on yet another
challange. We are looking Forward to them.

Keep tuned for the next update on Saturday december 5th after Our Hunt and if
i have the time i will finally post the list from our gathered bits, plans and crystals.

Till next time.......


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