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The Legend of Destiny's End

Atysmas has come to an end, and with it the time of peace and storytelling. The strange invasion of snowmen has been repelled - or has it all been a dream - and Irfidel sits in a quiet corner of the Yrkanis market listening in on the chit chat.

One of the visiting hawkers sits down next to him, and visibly relaxes his sore muscles. After a few exchanges of pleasantries they discover to their surprise that they both just arrived in Yrkanis from business in Nexus. The hawker, being a rather delightful young homin tells Irfidel the legend of Destiny's End.

His eyes watering with sorrow, he is still fond of the story. "What a lovely and intriguing tale" he exclaims. He shivers from the cold, but also the grieve for such a pure heart lost to the evils of this world. Irfidel makes up his mind to pay tribute to this tree the next time he's there.

Moving in closer to the fire, the two far travellers exchange stories from before and after the swarming. A friendship may begin. And yet another cycle ends...
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